Natural Progesterone Steroid Hormone Powders Drospirenone 67392-87-4


Quick Details for Drospirenone

Product Name: Drospirenone
Synonyms: ,5’(2h)-dione,1,3’,4’,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,20,21-hexadecahydro-10,13-;1,2-dihydrospirorenone;15-beta,16-beta-dimethylene-3-oxo-17-alpha-pregn-4-ene-21,17-c;17-beta))-16-alpha;6-beta,7-beta;arbolactone;dimethyl-,(6r-(6-alpha,7-alpha,8-beta,9-alpha,10-beta,13-beta,14-alpha,15-alph;spiro(17h-dicyclopropa(6,7:15,16)cyclopenta(a)phenanthrene-17,2’(5’h)-furan)-3
CAS: 67392-87-4
MF: C24H30O3
MW: 366.49
EINECS: 266-679-2
Product Categories: Intermediates & Fine Chemicals;Pharmaceuticals;Steroids;Steroid and Hormone;REBETOL;Other APIs
Melting point : 196-200°C
Chemical Properties : Off-White Crystalline Powder
Usage : Synthetic progestogen exhibiting antimineralocorticoid and antiandrogenic activity.
Usage : Antiviral .
Usage : anti-cancer therapeutic .


Natural progesterone

Drospirenone is the only progesterone that has the characteristics similar to the natural progesterone currently, its structure is more like that of the natural progesterone compare with the structure of the progesterone contained in the traditional oral contraceptives.

Except the effect of anti-androgen, drospirenone has the role of anti-mineralocorticoid which can prevent water and sodium retain in the body. Not only it has the a great effectivenes of contraception, there are also many good impacts on women’s health like reducing the acne, making the skin more smooth and controling the weight efficaciously.


Drospirenone Application

1) Drospirenone is an ingredient in some birth control pills and hormone replacement therapy. In combination with ethinyl estradiolit is used as contraception, and for women who want contraception it is also approved by the U. S. Food and Drug Administration(FDA) to treat moderate acne and premenstrual dysphoric disorder.

2) Drospirenone and ethinyl estradiol combination is used to prevent pregnancy. It is a birth control pill that contains two types of hormones, ethinyl estradiol and drospirenone, and when taken properly, prevents pregnancy. It works by stopping a woman’s egg from fully developing each month. The egg can no longer accept a sperm and fertilization is prevented.


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Legal Raw Steroid Powders Mifepristone 84371-65-3 Anti-Progesterone Drug Steroids


Raw Steroid Powders Basic Information

Product Name: Mifepristone
Synonyms: 11-(4-(dimethylamino)phenyl)-17-hydroxy-17-(1-propynyl)-estra-9-dien-3-one;11beta-[4-(n,n-dimethylamino)phenyl]-17alpha-(prop-1-ynyl)-delta4,9-estradiene;17-beta)-(11-bet;17beta)-11-[4-(dimethylamino)-phenyl]-17-hydroxy-17-(1-propynyl)estra-(11bet;17-beta-hydroxy-11-beta-(4-dimethylaminophenyl-1)-17-alpha-(prop-1-ynyl)oest;-17beta-ol-3-one;4,9-dien-3-one;r38486
CAS: 84371-65-3
MF: C29H35NO2
MW: 429.59
Product Categories:Steroids;Hormone;Acetylenes;Biochemistry;
Functionalized Acetylenes;Hydroxyketosteroids;Chiral Reagents;
Intermediates & Fine Chemicals;Pharmaceuticals;Intracellular receptor;Nuclear Receptors;Steroid and Hormone;API;Hormone Drugs
MP 195-198°C
Storage temp. 2-8°C
Chemical Properties : Pale Yellow Solid
Usage : A progesterone receptor antagonist with partial agonist activity. Abortifacient.
Usage : glutamate uptake inhibitor, AMPA blocker .


Raw Steroid Powders Mifepristone Description ​

Mifepristone belongs to the anti-progesterone drug. It was first successfully developed by the French company Roussel-Uolsf in the early 1980s for acting as a novel anti-fertility drug acting at receptor levels. It has no progesterone, testosterone, estrogen activity. It first entered into market in France at 1988 with its major role in acting on the endometrial progesterone receptor which is capable of binding with the progesterone receptor and glucocorticoid receptor with high affinity. The affinity to the endometrial progesterone receptor of it is five time as strong as that of progesterone without significant effects on the cortisol levels, and can produce a strong anti-progesterone effect thus causing the degeneration of decidua and chorionic villi of pregnancy. It can also cause release of endogenous prostaglandins which causes uterine contractions while resulting in the decreased production of the human chorionic gonadotropin hormones and dissolution of corpus luteum, and finally causing the embryo abortion. Because the drug can’t trigger enough uterine activity so single application for anti-pregnancy yields a relative high rate of incomplete abortion, but it can increase uterine sensitivity to prostaglandins, so that it not only reduces the adverse effects of prostaglandins after adding a small dose of prostaglandin but also make the complete abortion rate increased significantly. In addition mifepristone also has a softening and expansion effect of the cervix .​


Raw Steroid Powders Mifepristone Application

It is a novel anti-progestin and has anti-glucocorticoid activity without the activity of progesterone, estrogen, androgen and anti-estrogen. It has a progesterone receptor affinity five times as high as progesterone. It is used for anti-pregnancy, inducing menstruation and terminating pregnancy, intrauterine inducer labor for dead fetal.


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Glucocortcoid Antiinflammatory Powders Pregnenolone CAS 145-13-1


Quick Details for Pregnenolone

Product Name: Pregnenolone
CAS: 145-13-1
MF: C21H32O2
MW: 316.48
EINECS: 205-647-4
Product Categories: Steroids;Steroids & Hormones – 13C & 2H;Biochemistry;Hydroxyketosteroids;Steroids (Others);Intermediates & Fine Chemicals;Pharmaceuticals;Steroid and Hormone;API;chemical reagent;pharmaceutical intermediate;phytochemical;reference standards from Chinese medicinal herbs (TCM).;standardized herbal extract
Melting point : 188-190 °C
Chemical Properties : White to off-white powder
Usage : glucocortcoid, antiinflammatory.
Usage : Pregnenolone is a steroid hormone involved in the steroidogenesis of progesterone, mineralocorticoids, glucocorticoids, androgens, and estrogens. As such it is a prohormone. Pregnenolone is a GABAA an tagonist and increases neurogenesis in the hippocampus. It is a modulator of cytochrome P 450-3A .


Pregnenolone Effects

Pregnenolone is a natural hormone produced within the body, however many different factors can interfere with proper production of this compound. Natural Pregnenolone production declines as we age. For these reasons, many individuals may benefit from boosting levels of this compound using dietary supplement. When the supplement is taken orally, it is able to quickly pass through the blood-brain barrier and enter into the central nervous system.


Pregnenolone Applications

Pregnenolone is a steroidal hormone with several powerful nootropic benefits .

It is used as a focus booster, mood enhancer and energy pill. Recent studies have found it effective for improving memory, comprehension, and information processing and critical analysis. According to Dr. Flood of the Geriatric Research Education and Clinical Center, “Pregnenolone is the most potent memory enhancer yet reported”. Pregnenolone is also one of the most important hormones within the body, involved in the synthesis of many different types of chemicals and other hormones like androgens, estrogens, glucocorticoids, and more. This supplement is considered to be a pro-hormone, which essentially means that it leads to the production, development, or synthesis of a number of other chemicals and hormones.

Pregnenolone is synthesized from cholesterol. This occurs primarily in the adrenal glands, but also within the liver, skin, brain, testicles, ovaries, and retinas (eye). As a steroid, this supplement acts as a precursor to DHEA, progesterone, testosterone, estrogen, and cortisol. Even though this supplement has some very powerful metabolites, it is also considered to be without significant side effects and very limited anabolic, estrogenic, or androgenic activity.


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