Pharmaceuticals Personal Care Products Antibiotics CAS 7081-44-9 Cloxacillin Sodium


Product Name: Cloxacillin sodium
Synonyms: bactopen;brl-1621sodiumsaltmonohydrate;cloxacillinsodiummonohydrate;orbeninsodiumhydrate;prostaphlin-amonohydrate;sodiumcloxacillinmonohydrate;staphobristol-250;thyl-4-isoxazolecarboxamido)-3,3-dimethyl-7-oxo-,sodiumsalt,monohydrate
CAS: 7081-44-9
MF: C19H19ClN3NaO6S
MW: 475.88
EINECS: 211-390-9
Product Categories: Antibiotics for Research and Experimental Use;beta-Lactams (Antibiotics for Research and Experimental Use);Biochemistry;Interferes with Cell Wall SynthesisEPA;A – KAntibiotics;Antibacterial;Antibiotics A to;Antibiotics A-FAntibiotics;Chemical Structure Class;Mechanism of Action;NeatsAntibiotics;Penicillins and Cephalosporins (beta-Lactams);Spectrum of Activity;1694 Pharmaceuticals&Personal Care Products;BactericidalAntibiotics;beta-Lactam StructureAlphabetic;Chemical Structure;CI – CLEPA;Principle;Antibiotics;C;Neats;Peptide Synthesis/Antibiotics;TEGOPEN
Storage temp. : 2-8°C
Merck : 13,2444
Appearance : White powders
Usage : antibacterial .

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