Raw Powder Muscle Building Steroids Mestanolone 521-11-9 Ermalone Methyl-Dht For Muscle Growth


Quick Details for Mestanolone

Product Name : Mestanolone
Chemical Name : Androstan-3-one, Ermalone, methyldihydrotestosterone, and methyl-DHT
CAS Number : 521-11-9
EINECS Number : 208-302-6
Molecular Formula : C20H32O2
Molecular Weight : 304.47
Solubility : Soluble
Assay : 99.5%
Appearance : White powder
Usage : Mestanolone can be used as pharmaceutical material, Steroid hormone, Anabolin . As a male hormone and anabolic
hormones . Used in the treatment of penile erectile dysfunction (ED). Use male gonad hypofunction and implied sperm sterility, hydrogen to intermediate.


What is Mestanolone ?

Mestanolone is a steroid that has characteristics similar to those of DHT (dihydrotestosterone), but unlike DHT is orally bioavailable. mestanolone was the second most commonly used steroid by German athletes in decades past, who were among the best in the world largely because of widespread steroid use.


Mestanolone Application

Methyl DHT cannot convert to estrogen, but it does bind strongly to SHBG which can displace estrogen into circulation possibly resulting in estrogenic side effects. mestanolone would therefore bind to the AR resulting in quite strong anabolism but it has not been determined scientifically if this is possible and what dose would achieve this effect.

Mestanolone is much more androgenic than anabolic and is decent at hardening up one’s physique.


Mestanolone Dosage

Dosages range from 10 mg to 30 mg a day for males. Women should avoid Mestanolone for it is very androgenic. Long term use, more than 12 weeks should be avoided do to hepatoxicity. Since Mestanolone is unable to convert to estrogen, it is very useful during cutting phases or when one wishes to avoid excess weight gain.

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