Lidocaine Local Anesthetic Drugs CAS 137-58-6 Xylocaine for Pain Relief

Lidocaine Local Anesthetic Drugs CAS 137-58-6 Xylocaine for Pain Relief


Quick Details for Lidocaine Xylocaine

Product name : Lidocaine
Alias : Xylocaine ,lignocaine
CAS : 137-58-6
EINECS : 205-302-8
Appearance : White crystalline powder
Assay : 99%
Molecular Formula : C14H22N2O
Molecular weight : 234.34
Usage : Topically used to relieve itching , burning, and pain from skin inflammations , injected as a dental anesthetic , or as a local anesthetic for minor surgery .


Lidocaine Xylocaine Description

Local Anesthetic Drugs Lidocaine , also known as xylocaine and lignocaine , is a medication used to numb tissue in a specific area and to treat ventricular tachycardia . It can also be used for nerve blocks . Lidocaine mixed with a small amount of epinephrine is available to allow larger doses to be used as numbing and to make it last longer . When used as an injectable it typically begins working within four minutes and lasts for half an hour to three hours . Lidocaine may also be applied directly to the skin for numbing .


Lidocaine Xylocaine Applications

Local Anesthetic Drugs Lidocaine The efficacy profile of lidocaine as a local anesthetic is characterized by a rapid onset of action and intermediate duration of efficacy . Therefore , lidocaine is suitable for infiltration , block , and surface anesthesia . Longer-acting substances such as bupivacaine are sometimes given preference for subdural and epidural anesthesias ; lidocaine , though , has the advantage of a rapid onset of action . Epinephrine (adrenaline) vasoconstricts arteries , reducing bleeding and also delays the resorption of lidocaine , almost doubling the duration of anaesthesia . For surface anesthesia , several available formulations can be used for endoscopies , before intubations , etc . Buffering the pH of lidocaine makes local numbing less painful . Lidocaine drops can be used on the eyes for short ophthalmic procedures .

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