Oxedrine Weight Loss Pharmaceutical Raw Material Synephrine 94-07-5


Quick Details for Synephrine

Product name : Synephrine
CAS : 94-07-5
MF : C9H13NO2
MW : 167.21
EINECS : 202-300-9
Mp : 187 °C (dec.)(lit.)
Storage temp : 2-8°C
Chemical Properties : Off-White to Beige Powder
Usage : Vasopressor. Used for shock, heart failure, treatment of bronchial asthma and operation anesthesia and hypotension, collapse and shock, hypotension, body position.


Synephrine Description

Synephrine is the main active ingredient in lime fruit, which can effectively prevent the excess energy (heat accumulation), the wind Qi, warm the stomach and promote appetite and accelerate The new supersedes the old. Lime could theoretically accelerate fat metabolism and not like the use of Ephedra patients that appear to influence the adverse side effects of cardiovascular. It is also a mild fragrance expectorant, a kind of calm the nerves and laxative agent and in the treatment of constipation.


Avail Dosage

Users can expect variable effects include consumption of excess heat, reduce appetite and increase satiety, and these may cause weight loss. A study of the dog’s study also proposed synephrine in what are called special fatty tissue brown fat tissue in can enhance the metabolic rate. Citrus aurantium extract synephrine as standard has been recommended. 4-20mg daily dose of synephrine as containing 200-600mg standard of citrus aurantium extract products (3-6% synephrine) typical dose.


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